We took a trip toward Mammoth Cave to try out some video recording and to take some photos. It was a good time. My three kids, +1 and myself took the unlimited package deal. We tried to take the best advantage of the $25 ticket price. We road the Alpine slide several times, which requires a ride on the chairlift. We road go karts so much that we were all covered in black specs. We did bumper cars and bumper boats, which only 4 of the 6 floating objects in the water worked. My son did the trampoline, several of the kids competed on the rock wall, and we did the cave tour.

20160814_160035[1]The cave tour was a bit of an adventure. First off, we start out in a ride in an 80’s model van that looks like it has just been used and abused, but it still ran. The seats were worn out so much that it truly amazed me on how we were able to sit on them.

Then we took a trip back into the woods down a gravel road to this shack looking place with a beat up door. The first thought was a slaughter house from just about any horror movie you can think of. It even had an old rusty chain holding the doors shut. Once opened, we are asked to step into this pitch dark room, horror movies coming to life. Then the guide flips on the lights and you can see that it’s not as scary as it led up to be.

Once inside it was like any other cave in the area. Nice cool temperature with all the usual cave formations. However, this one the claim as the Outlaw Cave that Jesses James used for one of his carriage robberies. It’s an interesting story and I can see it being plausible. We then get to go deeper into the cave down these really narrow and steep stairs. The kids continued to poke fun at me as if I was too big to fit, even though I questioned it myself. However, once you get down the steps, that is pretty much it. After a little more explaining about cave formations you turn around and head right back out. In comparison to Mammoth cave, this is like the $2 knock off version of a cave. But, it was included in the price and was a refreshingly cool place after our day of being outside.

After that we went ahead and started the miniature golf course, also included and it is open past 6pm, when the other activities close. However, just after the second hole a storm came rolling in on us and we had to call it short.

Hear are the pictures I took and posted to Google.

And one of the videos taken. The others you can visit on my YouTube channel.

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