Yesterday I was looking at my Google photos online and noticed there were 3 copies of several pictures. Figured this might be part of the reason I keep seeing some unlinked photos on Google maps and figures why waste the space. I went ahead and deleted 2 of each of the pictures, agreeing to the fact that it will remove them from everything. The only problem is, I didn’t know which specific picture was linked to Google maps. Upon deleting several of them, I noticed my contributed pictures vanished. Apparently I deleted the wrong ones.

The worst part of accidentally deleting the pictures was the fact that one was one of the most viewed pictures for Freeman Lake, with over 8,400 views. Now, I could have gone and put the one copy of the photo I didn’t delete back up there, but I didn’t like them that much anyways. They were some of the first pictures I took, with the short mono pod and before I understood the lighting on the camera.

So, I went back to the lake to take some better pictures. I ended up taking 24 pictures in total and had a pretty good time doing it. At several of the pictures the camera is what helped me start a conversation which led me to wishing I had some business cards. It was a great day for it as far as weather, but later in the evening like that meant longer shadows to try and edit out. However, that didn’t stop me from doing it.

I realized today that there were some issues with some of the photos as far as coordinates in Google Street View. When I went to connect them there were a few that the arrow would turn the other way and there were a few that would flip upside down when looked at in 360. The pictures looked fine in preview, and on my phone, but in street view they were messed up.

In order to fix them I used an app called Theta Converter on my phone, it puts the meta data back in there. All I had to do is upload them and try again. Simple, if I would have uploaded the modified picture. Was only wasting my cell phone data fixing them as I wanted them to be right.

Anyways, I got them all up and linked together. I selected two different locations as far as the map goes. Three of them are listed for the tennis court while the other 21 are connected together at Freeman Lake.

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