Photos for Elmwood Park, downtown Roanoke and around the library are uploaded. Just waiting on the connections to be accepted by Google. I realized after putting this all together that there were a couple spots I missed, but this is 340 more pictures than there were there to start with. There were also a bunch of kids playing in the fountain by the stage and I already felt creepy enough with this pole on my back.     

I went around doing some parks today. Started with Garden City Park mainly for some childhood memories, and it hasn’t changed much other than being neglected. I’ll post the other parks separately once I get them uploaded. This one was 125 pictures and I connected it with Garden City Elementary playground as well. For some reason, as the 23rd, some of the pictures are still “maps rejected” and missing connections.   

Took a walk with the kids around Vic Thomas Park and part of the Roanoke River Greenway. This time I took 293 photos of the path around the park while the kids tried to be at all of the exercise stations. I used a different method with these pictures for connecting and uploading them. has an app called Viewmake and they are doing a promotion of free uploads to Google Street View through July 31, 2019. So, I figured I would give it a try. With some issues apparently pertaining to their own restriction for non-subscribers, I was able to get them connected and uploaded.    My dad mentioned that there used to be a trailer park there. So, […]