Last month I signed up for a campaign through a word of mouth network called The Insiders ( At first I was skeptical, as they require a deposit to test a product and expect you to post reviews around the internet. The deposit is only half the price of the product and you have 5 weeks to either keep them for that price or return them for a refund. Once you fill out the survey, pay the deposit, they then select who they want and send the product. One product I signed up for were the Samsung Gear Icon X wireless headphones. The headphones showed up, brand new, with a warranty document to act as a receipt for Samsung warranty […]

I have posted this review to, and so far. It is a bit long for typical reviews on those sites, but I really like to talk about this camera. If you want to take full 360 degree photos and video, this is a very reasonable and simple way to do it. With the on camera display and menu system you can easily take pictures, video, time lapse video, or video loops. You can change the settings of each from the device, set a timer, and snap the shot with the push of the button on top without the need of any external device to control it. As for controlling it externally, the only designed way is with […]

We took a trip toward Mammoth Cave to try out some video recording and to take some photos. It was a good time. My three kids, +1 and myself took the unlimited package deal. We tried to take the best advantage of the $25 ticket price. We road the Alpine slide several times, which requires a ride on the chairlift. We road go karts so much that we were all covered in black specs. We did bumper cars and bumper boats, which only 4 of the 6 floating objects in the water worked. My son did the trampoline, several of the kids competed on the rock wall, and we did the cave tour. The cave tour was a bit of an adventure. First off, […]