Yesterday I was looking at my Google photos online and noticed there were 3 copies of several pictures. Figured this might be part of the reason I keep seeing some unlinked photos on Google maps and figures why waste the space. I went ahead and deleted 2 of each of the pictures, agreeing to the fact that it will remove them from everything. The only problem is, I didn’t know which specific picture was linked to Google maps. Upon deleting several of them, I noticed my contributed pictures vanished. Apparently I deleted the wrong ones. The worst part of accidentally deleting the pictures was the fact that one was one of the most viewed pictures for Freeman Lake, with over […]

I have posted this review to, and so far. It is a bit long for typical reviews on those sites, but I really like to talk about this camera. If you want to take full 360 degree photos and video, this is a very reasonable and simple way to do it. With the on camera display and menu system you can easily take pictures, video, time lapse video, or video loops. You can change the settings of each from the device, set a timer, and snap the shot with the push of the button on top without the need of any external device to control it. As for controlling it externally, the only designed way is with […]

We took a trip toward Mammoth Cave to try out some video recording and to take some photos. It was a good time. My three kids, +1 and myself took the unlimited package deal. We tried to take the best advantage of the $25 ticket price. We road the Alpine slide several times, which requires a ride on the chairlift. We road go karts so much that we were all covered in black specs. We did bumper cars and bumper boats, which only 4 of the 6 floating objects in the water worked. My son did the trampoline, several of the kids competed on the rock wall, and we did the cave tour. The cave tour was a bit of an adventure. First off, […]

Out to eat, Back Home Restaurant

The last time we were here was during Glendale days and they were slam packed. The wait was over an hour for just standing in this little lobby area. Then, once we made it in, we had to deal with split seating as they only had tables for 4 available. However, it worked well as the kids all sat at one table and adults at another. This time I was just looking for somewhere I have not eaten in a while. Besides this place being small, it has a nice hometown cozy feel to it. The food is home-style country cooking, such as country fried steak and gravy. The food is served pretty quickly, and hot. I’d say this is […]